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Iron Butterfly & VH1 Classic

Iron Butterfly is a rock band of the sixties. Such classic bands do not get tv play from todayís music channels who give more importance to glamour and playing the latest flicks rather than classic music of bands and performers who dedicated their lives for good music and only good music, not glamour, style or celebrity status.

But there is an exceptional music video channel which is dedicated to playing classic music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. That channel is called VH1. It plays classic music non stop 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

VH1 Classic is the sibling of VH1 which in turn is a daughter channel of MTV Networks. VH1 Classic features an artist every month and plays their music more often than other artists that month. VH1 Classic also has a lot of other shows that showcase classic artists like Iron Butterfly who have made an impact in the music industry during the classic era.

How to Get VH1 Classic?
Well there are several ways to subscribe to VH1 classic. If you currently not receiving VH1 and you are with cable just call you cable operator to check if VH1/VH1 Classic is available. If itís not available just scrap your cable and get a Direct TV System. It actually is cheaper than cable and you get tones of music channels and also VH1 Classic. Subscribe today to VH1 Classic and get your hearts content of Iron Butterfly.